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I’m Jean Sutton, originator with Pauline Scott, of the term Optimal Foetal Positioning, and I’m trying to master the new ways of contacting people i.e this thing called the internet or “the web”. As I’m nearly 80 years old, it may take a bit longer than I hoped, but please make allowance for my old world. Where I grew up, as a child, there was no such thing as electricity. Oh how our world has changed!.

However much of the knowledge of our predecessors, my Mother, Father, teachers, all those I learnt from, and those they learnt from, is still relevant today.

My major interest in life is helping human babies have a safe, simple birth.If expectant parents, or those caring for them wish, I’ve a store of articles about the many and varied ways babies can make their way out into this world, that could be posted. I will post these and other thoughts as time allows and please freely comment on these posts. Thankyou.

I, along with Pauline Scott, have been teaching Optimal Foetal Positioning for years. I’ve written books for

Parents                 –How Will I Be Born; helped by my son and daughter-in-law

Ante-natal teachers        –Understanding and Teaching Optimal Foetal Positioning with Pauline

Professionals                  –Let Birth Be Born Again, also with Rob and Julie

They will all be available from the shopping cart that is on this site.

As we live in New Zealand, postage is a major cost, and sometimes delays are beyond our reach. However,we will try to respond as quickly as possible to orders for books.