The Amazing Foetal Skull

When we look at a newborn baby’s head, it seems impossible that it can fit through the mother’s pelvis. When we look again, we see just how cleverly it is designed.
There are many small bones, layered between an inner and outer layer of membrane. In the upper skull or vault, they are made in such a way that the front ones and the back one can slide under the side pair and one of that pair can slide under the other. This mechanism works well when baby is head down, back forward (vertex LOA). If baby is in any other position—e.g. facing forward (ROP) he must change the shape of the side bones to make his head smaller. That is he develops the “sugar loaf” shaped head.
This process takes much more time than simply folding along the joins, which is one reason O P labours usually last much longer.
By describing both as “moulding” we have missed the most important point. Nature, evolution, God, whatever has designed the baby and the process to be as simple and safe as possible. It is our duty to discover the master plan, and help as many mothers and babies as possible follow it.
This is what we teach with our books, “Understanding and Teaching Optimal Foetal Positioning”, for professionals and “How Will I be Born” for parents –to-be.

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