E-Book Sample

I am in the process of converting the books into e-books and here is a link to download a sample. It is the first chapter of How Will I Be Born and is in Kindle format. That means you will need the Kindle Reader app for your device/tablet/PC. This Kindle Reader app seems to be available for most devices and OS’es.
For those not familiar with Kindle-
You will need to download the Kindle Reader software appropriate for your device first and install it ( if it hasn’t automatically installed)
You will need to download the e-Book to the correct folder on your device in order for the Kindle Reader software to find the e-book.
On a PC this is usually Documents->My Kindle Content.
On an Android Samsung it looks like any kindle format ebook needs to be placed in a folder called Kindle. It is usually located somewhere like data\com.amazon.kindle\files.
On the iPad it may automatically download the eBook to the correct place and then open it.
The iPad Kindle software does not recognise the format the ebook is in (azw3). We will work on changing it to the older mobi format for iPads and alter this post to let people know when it is available.

If you have any problems downloading please let me know.

Any feedback regarding different devices and where to save the download too would be appreciated.
Also feedback regarding layout and appearance etc.


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